Madrid, Spain

Member Overview

Number of Partners:

5 Partners

10 Associates

4 Trainees

Main Client Sectors

Real Estate, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Energy, Telecoms and IT

Year of Establishment

The firm was founded in 2001.

Languages Spoken

Spanish, Catalan, German, English, French.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

The firm maintains Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Conde de Aranda 1

28001 Madrid



Tel: 00 34 9 1 564 64 32

Fax: 00 34 9 1 564 46 17










Areas of Expertise


One of the distinctive features of our law firm is its multidisciplinary approach to our clients' legal matters. As such, our lawyers are able to combine their extensive knowledge and experience in different areas of law with a detailed understanding of each client's circumstances and needs.


Our firm provides a full range of legal services in all areas of law: Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Proceedings, Development & Construction Law, Labour Law, Administrative Law, IP Law, Energy Law, Advertising Law.


Further details and useful information to clients are available on the Website


Ability to Represent Clients throughout the Country


The team of lawyers at Mariscal & Abogados, Asociados is made up of professionals from Spain and abroad with proven experience in different legal areas. From their offices and departments our lawyers respond to the legal requirements of our clients throughout the Spanish territory.

Practice Areas of the Partners


Miguel Mariscal

Admitted 1984

Practice Areas:

Real estate, Property law, ICT and Copyright Law

Mariano Jiménez

Admitted 1987

Practice Areas:

Litigation & Arbitration

Karl H. Lincke

Admitted 1999 (RA), 2001 (Abogado)

Practice Areas:

M&A and Corporate Law

Xavier Pareja

Admitted 1990

Practice Areas:

Construction Law, Real Estate and Inheritance



Alberto Alvarez


Practice Areas:

Tax, Insolvency Law and Company Restructuring

Monika Bertram


Practice Areas:

Labour Law, Successions and Investments in Spain

Maria Garcia


Practice Areas:

Maritime and Transportation Law

Esther Rojo

Admitted 2002

Practice Areas:

Administrative Law and Litigation Law

Nicolás Melchior


Practice Areas:

Electronic Commerce and International Commercial Contracts

José Maria Mesa


Practice Areas:

Company Law and Civil Commercial Contracts

María Rosa Pons

Admitted 1991

Practice Areas:

Advertising and Competition Law

Emanuel Teodoru

Admitted 1996

Practice Areas:

Company Law and Commercial Contracts

Maria Vila

Admitted 2014

Practice Areas:

Insolvency Law

Iván Vilchez

Admitted 2011

Practice Areas:

Commercial Litigation and Insolvency Law



Jesús Sánchez

Admitted 2000

Practice Areas:

Information Security Management

Lubomir Pompl

Admitted 2001

Practice Areas:

Tax Advisor

Svenja Werner


Practice Areas:

Fiscal Expert

Teresa Abril


Practice Areas:

Social Security Law


Main Contact


Karl H. Lincke, Madrid office